Friday, April 3, 2009

Good Document for "Planning and Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers"

I was engaged last week for a big project where I need to design a Read-Only Domain Controller "RODC" for a big customer in the gulf. to be honest i am new in the RODC, and i was searching alot for a document to detail for me the design concepts and criteria for RODC. by the way, RODC is a new Domain Controller Role which is part the Windows 2008 Active Directory Infrastructure.

What is RODC ?

Read-only domain controllers (RODCs) are a new feature of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows Server 2008. RODCs are additional domain controllers for a domain that host complete, read-only copies of the partitions of the Active Directory database and a read-only copy of the SYSVOL folder contents. By selectively caching credentials, RODCs address some of the challenges that enterprises can encounter in branch offices and perimeter networks (also known as DMZs) that may lack the physical security that is commonly found in datacenters and hub sites. RODCs also offer a number of manageability improvements that are described in this guide.

So, i would like to share the link for this good document for you to download and get to know more about RODC. Am in the process of finalizing this design for the customer based on this document. I advice anyone who wants to know, design, present, love to read , more about RODC to download this document from the below link:

Planning and Deploying Read-Only Domain Controllers - RODC