Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Some Usefull Commands / Shortcuts for IT People

These Shortcuts or commands for the people who loves working with shortcuts like me, to be honost with you, i forgot where is the location of Active Directory Users and Computers :) , whenever i want to access it, i ran the shortcut :). which is much easier for me to remember.

Authorization Manager -----> AZMAN.MSC
Certificates snap-in -----> CERTMGR.MSC
Certification Services -----> CERTSRV.MSC
Certificate Templates -----> CERTTMPL.MSC
Index Service -----> CIADV.MSC
Command Prompt -----> CMD.EXE
Computer Management -----> COMPMGMT.MSC
Computer Management other than local computer ----> COMPMGMT.MSC /COMPUTER=COMPUTERNAME
Domain Controller Security Policy -----> DCPOL.MSC
promote server to a Domain Controller -----> DCPROMO.EXE
Device Manager -----> DEVMGMT.MSC
Disk Defragmenter -----> DFRG.MSC
Distributed File System -----> DFSGUI.MSC
DHCP Manager -----> DHCPMGMT.MSC
Disk Management -----> DISKMGMT.MSC
DNS Manager -----> DNSMGMT.MSC
Active Directory Domains & Trust -----> DOMAIN.MSC
Domain Security Policy -----> DOMPOL.MSC
Active Directory Users & Computers -----> DSA.MSC
To run Active Directory Users & Computers for a specific domain, if you have Root/Child Domain Structure. -----> DSA.MSC /DOMAIN=domainname
To run Active Directory Users & Computers from a specific Domain Controller
-----> DSA.MSC /SERVER=servername
Active Directory Sites & Services -----> DSSITE.MSC
Event Viewer -----> EVENTVWR.MSC
File Server Management -----> FILESVR.MSC
Shared Folders -----> FSMGMT.MSC
Fax Service Manager -----> FXSADMIN.MSC
local Group Policy Editor -----> GPEDIT.MSC
Look and edit the local Group Policy on a remote machine ----->GPEDIT.MSC /gpcomputer:
Internet Authentication Service -----> IAS.MSC
Internet Information Service (\Windows\system32\inetsrv) -----> IIS.MSC
Local Users and Groups -----> LUSRMGR.MSC
Microsoft Management Console -----> MMC.EXE
Hardware and software configuration information -----> MSINFO32.EXE
Remote Desktop Connection -----> MSTSC
Connect to a Console Session of a Server -----> MSTSC /Console
Network Diagnostics scans your system to gather information about your hardware, software, and network connections -----> netsh diag gui
Removable Storage Manager -----> NTMSMGR.MSC
Removable Storage Operator Request -----> NTMSOPRQ.MSC
Performance Monitor -----> PERFMON.MSC
Run Registry Editor -----> REGEDIT.EXE
starts the Remote Installation Service setup wizard -----> RISETUP.EXE
Routing and Remote Access -----> RRASMGMT.MSC
Resultant Set of Policy -----> RSOP.MSC
Local Security Policy -----> SECPOL.MSC
Service Configuration -----> SERVICES.MSC
Telephony -----> TAPIMGMT.MSC
Terminal Services -----> TSCC.MSC
Remote Desktop -----> TSMMC.MSC
Windows Management Instrument -----> WMICORE.EXE
Windows Managment Instrumentation -----> WMIMGMT.MSC