Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cluster Continuous Replication in Exchange Server 2007

What is CCR in Exchange Server 2007 ?

Cluster continuous replication (CCR) is a high availability feature of Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 that combines the asynchronous log shipping and replay technology built into Exchange 2007 with the failover and management features provided by the Microsoft Cluster service.
CCR is designed to provide high availability for Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers by providing a solution that addresses the following requirements:

• Mailbox solution with no single point of failure
• Data availability and resiliency to failure
• Service availability and resiliency to failure
• Backup data center support with very current data
• Rapid recovery with current data to any single failure
• Low cost, high availability for Mailbox server
• High availability support for a wide range of disk technologies
• Simplified high availability solution
Here is the Link for the Technical Center Documentation about this new Technology.