Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Exchange 2003 Mobile Messaging Part 4 – Accessing the Corporate GAL from your Mobile Device Using GAL Lookup

This is part 4 in this 5 part article series covering Mobile Messaging using Exchange 2003 Server with SP2 applied and Windows Mobile 5.0 devices with the Messaging and Security Feature Pack installed. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the GAL lookup feature.

With the new GAL Lookup feature included in the Messaging and Security Feature Pack, you can now lookup contacts in the Global Address List (GAL) on your corporate Exchange Server 2003 SP2 Server(s). Those of you who own a Windows Mobile device which doesn’t have the MSFP installed know that you can only look up contacts in your personal contacts list stored locally on your device. Well actually this statement isn’t completely true, as you can get access to the Global Address Book (GAL) by installing the free Microsoft Global Contact Access add-on on the device. Of course the Microsoft Global Contact Access add-on is not as integrated in the Windows Mobile 5.0 OS as the GAL Lookup, but it’s definitely worth checking out while you wait for a build with the MSFP included for your particular device.