Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization Journey - IOI

The Infrastructure Optimization Model from Microsoft helps customers understand and subsequently improve the current state of their IT infrastructure and what that means in terms of cost, security risk, and operational agility. Dramatic cost savings can be realized by moving from an unmanaged environment towards a dynamic environment. Security improves from highly vulnerable in a Basic infrastructure to dynamically proactive in a more mature infrastructure.
IT infrastructure management changes from highly manual and reactive to highly automated and proactive. Microsoft and Partners can provide the technologies, processes, and procedures to help customers move up through the infrastructure optimization journey. Processes move from fragmented or nonexistent to optimized and repeatable. A customer's ability to use technology to improve their business agility and deliver business value increases as they move from the Basic state up the continuum toward a Dynamic state, empowering information workers, managers, and supporting new business opportunities.